5 Surprising Benefits of Pre-Marital Counseling Every Couple Should Know

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Premarital counseling offers several benefits to couples planning to get married. It helps them strengthen their relationship and have a joyful association forever.

I always thought that counseling was only for falling marriages. Little did I know about Premarital counseling when I decided to get married to my now husband. Ours was not a typical Mills and Boons type of a story, it was sort of an arranged marriage set up, we met at a friend's place “we thought it was accidental” but they arranged that meet-up for us to get to know each other. 


So, we met, talked, and found ourselves compatible. Since my last relationship went downhill, I wasn’t ready to date anymore, so we decided to get married only. He was a nice guy, we mostly nodded yes to each other's things, we weren't very cozy but formal most of the time, in my mind I was assured that I would make this relationship work because I wanted to. But people around me, my friends and parents knew that it wasn’t that easy. Since, they were in practical marriages, so they had genuine advice and first-hand experiences. Try Pre-marital counseling, my friend said, that's for couples filing for divorce I said and burst into laughter. So, you are saying that it won’t work before it happens, huh? She whacked my head with the book in her hand, don’t jump the gun, listen carefully, I am talking about Premarital counseling.


It is like preparing for marriage, she said. Why I am suggesting this is because I can judge the awkwardness in your relationship. What is the point of digging a well after the fire? Isn’t it better to have resources beforehand, what say? Yes, you are right, I said. So, I turned around and made a call to my fiance and we together booked the appointment and received counseling. Today, I am so thankful to my friend, that she suggested and we accepted.


Here’s how Pre-marital counseling helped us strengthen our relationship!


Helped us to openly share our thoughts in a safe environment!


This is the first and foremost step of relationship counseling NYC. The counselors helped us open up to each other and let go of everything that we were holding in our minds and hearts. It allowed us to know each other much better, discuss our goals, expectations from each other and things that we liked and disliked about one another and the list is long. 


Get better at talking things out and figuring stuff out together! 


Our life coach New York city, told us the importance of smooth communication in a relationship. They guided and advised us on many ways through which we can communicate with each other respectfully without hurting each other's feelings. They reminded us to never stop talking, especially during tough times in the relationship because communication gaps often lead to misunderstandings and issues. And with the tool of effective communication, we can solve any misunderstandings then and there. 


Conflict resolution! 


There were a few disagreements between us, which were resolved through their effective counseling. Additionally, their communication tips also made a big difference for us right away. 


Individual Counseling New York


We also received individual counseling, which provided us with personalized support and guidance to address our unique concerns and challenges. During these sessions, we discovered our strengths and weaknesses, and helped us to gain confidence and improve our relationship dynamics.   


We are happily married today!


Many thanks to the counseling sessions and life coaching New York, we are much in love and are in a joyful marriage today. We've built a strong foundation of love, trust, and understanding with the guidance and support we received from Relationship Counseling NYC, allowing us to cherish and enjoy our relationship every day. 


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